Drymatic II

  • $3,999.95

(4 hoses kit in a bag included)

The award winning DBK Drymatic system was developed to
offer the Restoration Industry a cost-effective tool that would
cater for a broad range of drying requirements.

The DBK Drymatic’s unique and patented operation is based
upon its continual monitoring of the humidity and temperature
of the room to be dried. It then operates in the mode that
provides maximum drying effect.

When initially switched on, the drying equipment operates in ‘exhaust’ mode, taking the moisture laden air from within the room being dried and purging it from the property. At the same time an equal amount of fresh and pre-heated air is drawn from an unaffected area into the room via the Drymatic®.

After a period of one hour, the machine operates in ‘recirculation’ mode, taking air from within the room being dried and continually re-heating it until pre-set temperature and humidity levels have been reached.

Within limits defined by the user, the DBK Drymatic will monitor and adjust the room’s environment, constantly optimising and exchanging the moist air with warm, dry air in a controlled manner to remove odours and ensure a faster, fresher and more efficient drying environment.

Adding controlled heat to the environment speeds up the drying process by promoting evaporation of moisture from the wet structure and contents. Increasing the ambient temperature allows the air to take on a higher water vapour content, which is then purged from the property.


The Drymatic II partnered with accessories is the perfect target drying system.

  • Can achieve extremely low relative humidity – less than 10%RH
  • Controlled ambient temperature up to a maximum of 50degC
  • Portable and runs from a 13Amp Plug
  • No gases or Diesel required.
  • kWh metering and drying program memory that does not erase in the event of a power failure.