Drymatic Boost Bar 4-Port Adaptor

  • $469.95

Comes with 4 hoses of 20', hose joiner, Jubilee clips and a carry bag

“Deliver your energy where it is needed most! The Drymatic Boost Bar 4-Port Adaptor gives you the ability to take heated airflow from the system and deliver it to four separate drying chambers.

When using the adapter you do not have to place the Boost Bar in the drying chamber itself, just feed the 4 x 4“ pipes from the unit to the drying chamber. Perfect for:

  • Crawlspace drying • Tented chambers • Ceiling Voids • Cavity Walls

The 4 Port Adaptor can be used with lengths of lay flat tubing to improve airflow over longer distances. Distribute your heated airflow along an affected area by perforating your lay flat and tying it off at the end!”