Boost Bar

  • $1,789.95

ntelligent Target Drying... The Drymatic Boost Bar uses DBK‘s unique electrically insulated PTC technology which provides not only controlled heat but also energy-saving characteristics. PTC technology is self-regulating and inherently safe; this means that even if your air mover is switched off, or a blockage occurs, the unit will automatically protect itself and reduce the power of the heater.

Boost Bar is designed to be lightweight, compact and portable, meeting the demands of today‘s damage management technicians. The device comes with robust stacking features that guarantee safe transportation of the units whilst loaded in your vehicle.

Equipment maintenance is critical so Boost Bar has been designed to be simple and easy to clean and service. Simply remove four retaining screws and the unit splits into two sections.


• Adaptive Heat drying unit (4,700 BTU)

• Programmable touchscreen for optimum control of the drying chamber
• Rotomolded for toughness and durability
• Operates in freezing temperatures up to 122°F
• 17 lbs and stackable